Monday, September 19, 2016

An open letter to Marina Sirtis..

An open letter to Marina Sirtis & all celebrities, minor celebrities & has beens practicing to be a never was that are trash talking Trump!

Dear Marina Sirtis

Firstly, thanks so much for your appearance on Star Trek The Next Generation as Deanna Troi. Your performance was impeccable and the wardrobe department’s bold use of spandex was most definitely a genius step. I would like to add to your list of acting prowess but the only other thing I can think of is your appearance in Stargate SG1, The TV Series. Yes I did check IMDB but as we both know as actors, minor roles are just filler!

Whilst I was a fan and don’t want to be rude to you I am really disappointed at not only your foolishness as an actor, and your lack of Business Acumen, but your attempts to make me look unprofessional for merely disagreeing with you. May I remind you that it was your character that was empathic, not you and although you may think having one starring role qualifies you to be a Political Commentator, I am here to inform you that it doesn't! 

Your Timeline on Twitter stinks of Liberal Logic and Anti Trump sentiment and you slanderous accusations would only be tolerated by those with no intellect. Calling Donald Trump a racist in order to further the political aspirations of Hillary Clinton or to boost your own flagging career is suicidal and your fan base dwindles daily.

This is before we even consider how many Casting Agents and TV Show Executives actually know and support Donald Trump and will be aware of your commentary. I for one am no longer a fan and will not support you anymore, but will observe your career suicide from afar.  Even hard core fans will not tolerate your lies and misrepresentations of Mr Trump based upon the watered down perceptions you have gleaned from others.

When I called you out for an example regarding your assumptions that Donald Trump is racist, you cited commentary that had been generalised regarding his suggestion some Mexicans in The USA Illegally, had raped and murdered people.  His reference was directly relating to those who had and was not a generalization about all Mexicans.

Your choice to misappropriate Mr Trump's commentary is directly and intentionally designed to draw focus from Mrs Clinton's own racism. Her best friend was head of The KKK. Robert Bird, The Grand Dragon of The KKK was the Clinton's best friend. Talk about hypocrisy!

You then had the audacity to criticize me by saying I didn't understand the concept of fact checking. Well my dear Marina, who hasn't had a major role since Star Trek, let me correct you for one moment. I have among other things been a fair and objective journalist for over 20 years. I have hosted, written and produced a Radio Show & a TV Show for four years and have checked my facts meticulously. What gives you the right to question my fact checking? Your guest appearance in Casualty maybe?

It is one thing to disagree but to assert superiority based on the fact that you're a 61 year old British Actress who had one successful role that required cleavage and spandex is preposterous. I would even go so far as to say your knowledge of American Politics is minimal at best and clearly because you voted Labour and loved Tony Blair that makes you a Democrat. As for fact checking, I suggest you check out Hillary's racist commentary, maybe she still want's to refer to Black People as predatory and wants to bring them to heel. 

Don't think for one minute that once the election is over fans will forget how you and others have behaved. You are slowly but surely isolating your fan base and encouraging those who could give you work not to do so. Let's face it Marina, your career has been far from successful since Star Trek, can you really afford to isolate fans and potential employers further with your level of dishonest commentary? I think not!

Sirtis is not the only celeb/minor celeb enticed by Clinton's brand of dishonesty, oh no sirree! Both Cher and Barbra Streisand have also been duped. At a recent fundraiser Streisand reworded  "Send in the clowns" and was offensive about Trump. It is interesting how these people forget that probably half their fan base if not more could be supporting Trump. Even the gays have support for Trump and more than any other Republican Candidate in history, Donald supports the gays.

Think on celebs/minor celebs and wannabes. The fans you lose during this election cycle are not coming back and I am sure some of you really can't afford to hemorrhage more fans. What of my fan base you say? Well interestingly enough my fan base found me and support me because of my leanings. As a Talk Show Host, Writer & Political Commentator my followers are very specific, but I am wondering, can you say the same Marina, Cher, Babs and others? I think not!

​Love & Peace, Xan xo