Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Shapiro V Tur - Facts should care about feelings.

Last week saw an onslaught in the issues surrounding those who identify as Trans. The latest episode in the saga was played out live on national television on Dr Drew’s Show and the main combatants were Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro and Trans Journalist Zoe Tur.
Clearly they had been seated side by side for maximum effect and all Dr Drew had to do was make the bullets for Shapiro to fire and sit back and watch the floor show. The topic of discussion was Caitlyn Jenner’s acceptance of the ESPYs Arthur Ashe Award and opinions regarding Jenner’s acceptance.
Whether I agree with Jenner receiving the award aside, what SHE chose to do was nothing short of amazing in my book. Every year, all over the world, young people kill themselves due to harassment and bullying regarding their sexuality, gender issues or a response to finding themselves.
So what was so amazing about Jenner’s response to winning the award I hear you say? Regardless of how brave or not this individual is, SHE used the situation to highlight the plight of these young people who are affected by the level of trickle down hate perpetuated by all who wrap up their opinions in an oh so particular way.
You will notice I have referred to Jenner as SHE, because in my world, as a basic order of respect I will refer to people as what they prescribe, not what I decide I think they should be. Surely if nothing else, whether or not we agree with someone’s opinions and life choices, we at least owe them a little courtesy and respect, or one would think.

This is where it all fell apart for me on Dr Drew’s show and the animosity was visible from the outset. Shapiro, famed for his loathing of all things LGBT was as expected true to form. Whilst I totally feel he has every right to any opinion he pleases, as after all this is still America right, he lost any respect when he became disrespectful to Tur.
Calling Zoe Tur, Sir was strike one for me and his argument was dissolved immediately. Strike two was referring to both Tur and Jenner in the masculine. Once again, to not use the chosen vernacular an individual has proffered for themselves is not respectful in any way, shape or form. This was clearly nothing short of a set up, and the fact anyone was surprised by Tur’s response was totally ridiculous in the circumstances.
Whilst Tur was not blameless in this situation as I feel she never should have laid a hand on him, to call this battery is nothing short of hilarity given the fact that Tur could clearly have whipped the floor with Shapiro. For Shapiro to level charges of battery with the LAPD is really another ridiculous attempt at publicity seeking on Shapiro’s part.

As always I see the myriad of opinions pertaining to who was right and who wrong in this situation. As I get older, I find myself not needing to form and share an opinion based upon what is popular. The price of being a Social Commentator is that people will not always like or agree with your commentary, but your audience will always find you.
I am not sure when it became popular to see those who disagree with us as haters, but some quite clearly are and whilst I am not here to defend either party, we need to see exactly what happened here. A TV show set up a situation, clearly designed to cause further divide between a community that is already so divided a blow torch couldn’t arc weld it together right now.
This was no difference to Piers Morgan engaging former Growing Pains Actor Kirk Cameron on LGBT issues. Clearly some hosts rely on cashing in on the fact some are vehemently opinionated. As a Christian, he was bound to come from a position of that ilk, just like both Tur and Shapiro would respond as expected, given their particular perspectives on the subject matter.
Some elements of the media have a hidden agenda to sensationalize issues such as this and fan an already inflamed situation, into a raging inferno, created for ratings alone. Whilst there are a plethora of things I am not happy with regarding the LGBT Community right now, I for one will not be drawn into hating on people I am told I should disagree with.
I cannot bring myself to hate someone for exercising their right to explore what they fundamentally feel is in their core. I might not understand it or necessarily agree with it, but my core tells me that in order to be the best that I can be, before myself and God, I should not judge.
Whilst we continue to subscribe to these things as a society, it will continue to crumble. We cannot continue to further divide ourselves in this way, when there has to be a better way. Whilst even as Gay Man, I do not understand what it is like to be Trans but as a Christian/J4J, I know I am called to be compassionate, and if I have lost compassion, I have lost everything.
Saying facts don’t care about your feelings is a rather arrogant way of saying you don’t care and you will say exactly what you please, regardless of whom it may offend. We do not have to agree, but we need to show a little respect and stop subscribing to divisive individuals and divisive media.
Love and Peace
Xander x

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