Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Latest Article - A Challenge to All Americans who still challenge The Presidency of Donald Trump, to set aside their preconceived ideas and prejudices! - Please Share.

Dear America

I write to you at a time when we all should be celebrating and looking forward to better times. We have just inaugurated a brand new President, for four years, and even though some are unwilling or unable to accept it, the fact he is President remains unchanged.

The Presidential Race was hard and for most of us went on far too long. The Media decided to support Hillary Clinton, even to the extent of lying about Donald Trump. Accusation after accusation, without evidence or base. His every commentary twisted and taken out of context and whilst he was far from perfect, he did not deserve that level of response.

Whilst Hillary was off conspiring with George Soros and accepting donations from any who felt they could gain influence over and above that which she gave whilst in the State office, Mr Trump campaigned tirelessly. All of this was under the eyes of then President Barack Obama who failed to ensure the cleanliness of his staff, even to the point of allowing them to commit treasonous acts.

In the debates Hillary said that anyone unwilling to accept the outcome of the election was a threat to democracy, unless it was her of course. When it was revealed that Mr Trump had won, she beat her staffers & got drunk, again. Her whole strategy was that people wanted more of the same and it became her downfall. America didn't want a white Obama lady in a pantsuit, they wanted change.

After all was said and done Donald trump won the election and chaos for The democrats ensued. Every excuse for him winning was brought to table including the Russians, cheating, global warming, flexible rostering & witchcraft. Even though the Electoral College votes may have sealed the deal, it was an accepted part of the process, until it went badly for Hillary.

Even when Jill Stein from The Green Party raised funds for recounts and didn't spend all of the money on recounts it highlighted more votes for The Donald. It also highlighted more dishonesty from Hillary's team including voter fraud, double voting, dead people voting, illegals voting etc. Still the democrats were unwilling to accept the results.

Broadway then got in on the act (no pun intended) when the cast of Hamilton decided to give unsolicited statements from the stage to Mike Pence and his family when they attended the theater. I was left wondering when people paid to entertain us were given license to share their political theories when we had paid them to well... perform.

Hollywood then stepped in, as if they have some amazing power over us. Strikes were threatened, but were really empty in all honesty. None of the celebs who threatened to leave if Mr Trump won actually did, they just chose to whine about it, to the public's chagrin. Chelsea Handler who had threatened to move to Spain blamed The Kardashian Sister for Mr Trumps meteoric win as the USA was now a Reality Show.

Even Meryl Streep or Meryl Sheep as I call her now decided to use her acceptance speech to trash Mr Trump. Many switched off and whilst some applauded you could see a lot of the audience were uncomfortable. She took the opportunity to talk about Mr Trumps alleged attack on a disabled person, yet failed to mention the disabled person attacked by 5 black youths just days before.  Streep throat indeed cough cough!

When President Obama was elected in 2008 I was still a Democrat. I remember the ideology of wanting The President to fail meant that you wanted the USA to fail. I am sitting here wondering what has changed? There was a lot of opposition to Barry & his Bodgers. The world was going to end, we would all be forced to become Muslims, and Republicans would be persecuted. None of it happened apart from the fact that Republicans were persecuted by his admin. Thank you IRS!

Obama in his last days freed drug dealers, thugs & trans traitors just for being trans. He ignored those with legitimate need for sentence commutation, like Kristian Saucier. Kris was jailed for a yr, lost his job, his pension and his family, a wife and a young child were left destitute. He took 6 selfies on a 40 yr old submarine and as Mr Trump said, anyone who wanted pics had them years ago.

Saucier's family lost their life savings paying for his defense in what was clearly a political imprisonment. Hillary walked free and ran for president for doing a thousand times more, but no, not even a pardon for this young man. While he rots in federal prison and his family suffer daily. If this is how we treat Patriots who serve our country I wonder why the hell they bother #FreeKrisSaucier.

I particularly enjoyed President Trumps speech especially the part were he reiterated that his administration was for the people, yet still some of the people object.  At a time when America needs to come together united to begin afresh and correct the wrongs of the previous administration,  the divide widens further.

My heart is sad that so many women marched against Mr Trump for comments he made in private 11 years ago. How about marching for the women in the Arab world who are stoned and have their clitoris removed or the gays who are thrown of roofs every day. These same people who commit such atrocities funded Hillary and you choose to march against Mr Trump? Wake the hell up America.

This talk of The Resistance movement is indeed futile and farcical.  So what you marched, you protested, you tweeted your anger about the lack of free tampons and guess what? Donald Trump is still President and will be for the next four years and possibly eight.

​Those who oppose Donald trump as far as I can see have two realistic choices. Suck it up and work together to make America great again and if you are still unhappy in four years, then vote someone else in. You may be very surprised in that president Trump might do such a good job you will want him for another four years.

​Your other choice is to opine and complain for four years to anyone who will listen, but as I said this is futile. What change can you effect by working against the new President? He will still be the President after your march, tirade,complaint etc is over. ​

We need to come together and stop with the negativity as that will only benefit those who's m.o is to divide us further. We need to stop listening to the dishonest media who are paid to increase the divide and provide opinion rather than fact to sell their gutter rags. You are better than to be used as a tool of divide and allowing yourself to be brainwashed further is most concerning.

Whilst I am one of President Trumps fiercest champions I will also be one of his fiercest critics. He has set a challenge for himself and us to make America great again and I for one will be continuing to see he is charged with that task. As a commentator my job is to comment on all aspects of his Presidency, not just the good bits.

It is no secret that I did not like Mr Trump when he first ran for President. I based my perception on his TV persona which was nothing more that a character. Once he won the nomination to be the candidate I decided to put my preconceived ideas aside for the good of my country. I actually grew to like and respect this man once I separated him from his TV persona. I challenge you to do the same.

Love and Peace, Xan

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